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Boundary Surveys:

Are also called Stake Surveys are done by a registered land surveyor. The process begins by researching the county records, getting copies of your deed and the deeds for the property that surrounds yours. The more information you can get on a piece of property the better your survey conclusion will be. A field crew then comes out to begin the work.

They start by looking for and recovering points that have been described and called for in the courthouse documents. Once these points have been recovered then the actual surveying will begin. The points are measured, analyzed and calculated. The data indicates the final boundary resolution.

Your property corners will then be carefully set and then we measure and locate existing buildings. When this field work is complete we walk the property with you explaining what we have found and answering any questions you might have. You will receive a survey plat in the mail that is stamped/certified by the surveyor. This is your legal document or proof of your property.

Iron pins that are set on your property corners are 5/8 inch by 30 inch rebar with a yellow surveyors cap. These capped iron pins will be set flush to the ground in mowed or travelled area's. In wooded area's the tops of these capped iron pins are set up above the ground just a few inches to help in later recovery.



How Much Does a Boundary Survey Cost?

The cost of a boundary survey depends on many variables. The size of the property, it's location, the type of terrain/vegetation, and the season all affect the fee charged. Give your surveyor your address and report the type of work you are doing. This will help the Surveyor give you an accurate estimate.


What is a Mortgage Location Survey?

 A mortgage survey is not a property line survey. It is a surveyor's opinion that the buildings and major improvements appear to be located on the property described in the deed. Some lending institutions want this inspection to check for obvious problems with the parcel such as encroachments or zoning violations, but it does not determine whether the boundaries described in the deed are correct. No corners are set.


 Legal Descriptions:

Your deed has a description of your property on it. Deeds are usually described in two ways. The first would be by a lot number of a recorded subdivision with a plat book and page reference. The second would be by coarse and distance around your property. Also known as a meets and bounds description.

 With the metes and bounds description your property starts at a point and then is described by coarse and distance around your land returning to the point of beginning. If the described land does not return mathmatically to the point of beginning then you have a closure problem. You may see the bottom of your deed stamped " Survey Required with Next Transfer".

 In the past the County Auditor did not check for closure. Surveys can be expensive so before you purchase a property you might consider having the closure checked by a surveyor. We can do this for you. If you need a new description then we would do a Boundary Survey and new legal for recording at the Auditors Office.



An Easement gives access across another person's property. There are usually two kinds of easements. Public or private easements. If you or your neighbor wanted to build a new garage but didn't have room for the entire driveway, then a private access easement would be created.

 If you own property in a recorded subdivision then you probably have a public easement on some part of your lot. Newer subdivisions will create a 10' - 15' foot utility easement along the front lot lines to give utility companies rights to maintain/repair services in your area. As a homebuyer it would be smart to have a Mortgage Inspection done on the property before you purchase.

This type of survey will show you easements that may affect your lot without the additional cost of having the property corners set. Many lenders require this before purchase but some in an effort to cut cost and gain your business will forgo the Mortgage Inspection and just add an affidavit from the seller saying there are no survey issues.